Sometimes a Ball is a Favorable Position…But just say NO!

I am feeling kind of hurried today, not like much is going on in a single moment, but for anything that is going on in a moment feels rushed. And in those moments I reminisce, and all I can think of is my older sister and the many times we were able to share a room. We were more like friends than sisters growing up, and she taught me a lot…about everything, whether I wanted to learn it or not 😉 So in the name of sentimental values, the song of the day is…

If not her voice, not Lauryn Hill’s videos, it was my sister belting out along side the music. I remember just being in awe and sometimes not knowing who I was more in awe with. ***waves away the memory bubble*** So anyways back to the topic, my workout yesterday was Alpha Speed 1.0, not only did I not almost die from clumsy miss steps I only had to use a modifier once, and that was more so for the safety of belonging and determination to avoid a concussion. So I believe that is redeemable with a Nailed it result, I really feel sorry if I wake neighbors in the morning.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar - Day 10

burn 100 calories in 10 minutes

burn 100 calories in 10 minutes

Also I have really find the fitness schedule is making me more focused and willing to push myself, so this picture is a link to some great 10 minute fitness activities that burn 100 calories. Some of these are like go play kick ball or skip rope …So much Fun, WOOT! WOOT!

So yesterday my Nutrition calculator hated on my soup again ***Sticks tongue out like a child at this insult*** I know I could have done better protein wise, I forgot to scoop some vegan protein powder into my breaky. All I know is what I am doing is working for me, and that is all I care about, it is my body I am transforming after all! However, we will see what the nutrition calculator says tomorrow about today after I had to grab lunch in a hurry at local market place and I have a Sunwing conference at a Local Hotel/ Conference Hall that includes dinner. The dinner shall be an experiment in multiple ways, I am vegan for food sensitivity reasons and I get gut wrenching fear when my meal is completely controlled by someone else. 😦 BUT I am going to stay optimistic.

T25 Day 10 Food Intake

I am looking forward to Fridays “Lower Focus” & “Ab Intervals” double duty…Fridays are a pleasant “push it girl” moment as I instantly acquire a TGIF glow.



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