Keep on Moving

We will start with my favorite part…SONG OF THE DAY of course, and the winner is….

I received a prep for 5K from Happy Herbivore a little while back that I think is designed for everyone and is very well set up regarding how to personalize it and not get deterred.

Since I do not believe it is necessary to be soaked in muggy city rain water I am skipping the 5K training outdoors and replacing it with the following.

This is hilarious and perfect. Now I can exercise AND watch one of my favorite disney movies at the same time!!

Yesterday I successfully tracked my food, and even though it scored me as high in the carbs category, a lot of my carbs were beans and veggies. Maybe I could have skipped the 7 grain salad, or had a smoothie instead of toast but I am not going to harp on it. I would like to up the protein amount a bit.

T25 Day 1 Food Intake

T25 Day 1 Food Intake

We will have to see tomorrow how well I tracked and planned out my food today. Due to a certain significant other I also lost maybe 5 minutes of the Day 2 T25 Alpha workout, which is sad, maybe I will redo it if Tangled workout doesn’t do me in for the day 😉

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar - Day 2.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar – Day 2.

Scored myself a less than. I kept up to tempo, even though I was a little less than coordinated at times, but ultimately not completing all 25 minutes is not okay, even if it was a minute.


I Cannot tell a lie, my bottom half is killing me, some of the moves in Speed 1.0 remind me of Will Smith dancing in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and when your not coordinated it is a painful mess, lol.




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