Met a creative little fashionista. I told her she better keep it up so I can one day enter her boutique and get some geeky inspired attire.

As I mentioned Friday, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day….Definitely one of my favorite reasons for an outing. We had some chilly and damp moments but it was so much fun. Lots of friends, met some interesting people, saw some creative costumes. Sowith Superheroes on the mind, today’s Song of the Day is….

The DC Universe was definitely outweighing all others this year 🙂

In regards to workouts, I did not get out of work early enough to get over to Yoga Shack *serious pout*. However, between 9 am to 3 pm-ish Saturday I was on my feet across Downtown London, ON (1.06 miles apparently). Sunday time definitely got away from me, I was in and out of my apartment to do laundry, I measured and installed corner shelving in my apartment. Which led to the reorganizing of the entire main area of my apartment, obviously lifting dust particles resulting in some deep cleaning. I also baked some bread for the boyfriend…My tracker on Sunday read 699 calories burned by the time I finally relaxed, I could believe it my arms were noticeably worked out.

A guy made and electronically operated this Dalek. It had voice modifier and even played the theme song. (there is a very petite man in there) Click to see video

So even with hiccups, I would say I did better with fitness this weekend then I did nutrition. I bought Gardein Chick’n Sliders at 3 pm-ish Saturday and we will call that Dunch (Lunch & Dinner). I was in damp conditions all day, did not have an appetite when I first awoke so it is what it is.

Sunday I was surprised with a celebratory Lunch with the best in-laws someone could ever have. and even though it was not the meals I had planned on I was at least closer to a balanced intake and to the 1100 cal intake suggested for the 5 day weight loss boost T25 offers.

And my Friday, Saturday, Sunday Nutrition tracking –

T25 Day 5 Food IntakeT25 Day 6 Food IntakeT25 Day 7 Food Intake

I would say I could have done a lot worse for sure, and I overall had an amazing weekend, Family is healthy and happier by the day, Community fully participating in some leisurely fun, and I wasn’t just bumming around.



Song of the Day – Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas…thanks so much Supernatural

So another marathon for… variety…is Supernatural….as much as I love at how well they have written and carried out visual and auditory elements throughout in great detail, it will be a long time before this song is not stuck in my head. Due to this I will try to publish a song of the day every day.

Johnny Galecki & Football

I know that Roseanne is not everyone’s childhood favorite, however, it is another nostalgic show for me and I have recently ventured into a marathon of the show…currently watching Season 7 Episode 15 and it is made me realize Johnny Galecki’s character David is similar to Big Bang Theory character Leonard.

Lets start with how many characters from Roseanne being in the Big Bang Theory. Darlene is Leslie Winkle, Aunt Jackie is Mrs, Cooper (Sheldon’s mom), & David is Leonard.

Galecki in both shows struggles with characteristics that result in a submissive role in relationships. He has a literal and more figurative makeshift family situation to make up of the lack of supportive parental figures each of his characters have had to struggle with.

Somehow it took Season 7 Episode 10 of Roseanne for me to spark this blatant realization….

Roseanne Season 7 Episode 10 Thanksgiving 1994 (David teaches Mark Football):

Starting at 4 Minutes and 40 seconds we see a Johnny Galecki’s character teach the character Mark football

Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 6 The Cornhusker Vortex (Sheldon teaches Leonard Football:


Just Random Thoughts….