Wishing For The Silver Lining

I would like to start by apologizing for not posting yesterday, goodness that means I am doing a 2 day post. This week is stressful and reminds me of some big life goals that I really hope show some progress within the next 3 years. The economy is rough on everyone, but when your financial situation is brought on by trying to be the best person and that is taken advantage of and you are completely inside and out ripped of hope it feels a little harder to deal with debt and the day to day abuse the word has. I try to be positive and keep an optimistic outlook, but when you have a low day that turns into days, even the most optimistic person can feel down. Worst of all the things that are ailing me effected a friend of mine…not okay. So in hopes that it is true, and on a path to positive mindset, the song of the day is….

Day 1 – Lazy Mexican Black Bean Chili

On Monday was the first day of the Grounded Nutrition 7 Day Dinner Challenge and it is been one yummy dish after another.

Day 1 was Lazy Mexican Black Bean Chili, I added 1/2 a sweet potato and a side salad with Homemade Balsamic Dressing.

Gluten Free Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce & Cashew Ceasar Salad

Day 2 we had Gluten-Free Pasta/Pasta Alternative with Raw Tomato Sauce and a Side Cashew Based Ceasar Salad

I had lots of leftover chili so yesterday I had a lunch portion of the chili, and for breakfast a mango, tropical, green smoothie. Overall a great and delicious diet.

I wish there was a nutrition tracker with a code written to properly capture vegan diets. But for now how does a healthy, vegan diet translate to an everyday tracker?


Food Intake Day 15

Food Intake Day 15


Food Intake Day 16

Food Intake Day 16

Working out on Monday felt like a chore, I did not sleep well, but I completed. I feel like London Ontario skipped over spring and went straight from winter to a rainy, humid summer….ugh, trying not to complain because I was definitely not winters’ fan. Tuesdays’ workout was a sweat, but I completely nailed it. Just gotta keep moving, right? Yesterday I took an unexpected bike ride to a grocery store at heavy resistance because on the way there my tires burst due to debris on the train tracks. To save the bike I bused it back…The way there and the wait for the bus was enough to leave me drenched nonetheless.


Day 15 &16

Day 15 &16

I am looking forward to life moving in a positive direction, how this will come about I will just wait and see. However, it is getting late and some yummy grounded nutrition Day 3 soup is screaming my name. Even if you are not partaking into the Dinner Challenge make sure to checkout all the health recipes and information http://www.groundednutrition.com offers.


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