Some Days it is Hard to Hold it Together

Due to the very mixed emotions I have today I have decided on Petula Clark, the first time I heard this song was while watching ‘Girl Interrupted’ and it stuck. This by far is up there on the list of odd random songs for someone born in 1987, I know.

Stir Fry, YUM, felt bad that I could only eat 1/2 cup worth of the rice, but appreciated this greatly

Yesterday Alpha Cardio was a breeze, even to do it a second time in one week, and thank goodness, yesterday was crazy busy. I had to leave work early for lunch so that leaving early for a Sunwing Conference would not interfere with the rest of the office, and then I didn’t get home until close to 8 pm. The conference was fun and informative, and I am glad I stayed optimistic because the staff of Lamplighter Inn serving the Sunwing Conference and the Sunwing Representatives were great in regards to my food restrictions.

The Lamplighter Inn has been one of my favorite hotels since I first saw it. Their is a beautiful center oasis with pools and skylights and waterfall…gorgeous. (link to hotel website by clicking the stir fry picture).

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar - Day 1 blog

Now as hospitable as the Lamplighter Inn was, my nutrition calculator is a little off tilt, …Still delicious, and I guess it is good I woke up to Double Workout Duty Friday 🙂

T25 Day 11 Food Intake

T25 Day 11 Food Intake

Not to late to join the next Vibrant Living Cleanse

Grounded Nutrition’s Whitney and Neil are hosting “‘The 7 Day whole food dinner challenge’ includes 7 delicious nutritionist-designed whole food dinner recipes, shopping list, access to the private Facebook group for daily support and picture sharing, and a daily email with the following days recipe.” Again, YAY! …Happy bonus, for $7 have ” instant access to the 7 whole food dinner recipes, 5 bonus recipes, shopping lists, and crucial whole food and health knowledge to help you get better results with this lifestyle. It is easy to use, easy to follow and can be printed off so you can have it ready to use in the kitchen as needed.” Click the photo to be linked to the sign up page…Completely free to Join, only $7 to Upgrade.


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