My name is Mandy, I was born in British Columbia, but slowly made my way across Canada to Ontario with my family. I embraced rather than protested my families nomadic ways, and I am the better for it. I have friends I have known from birth, I have friends that have stuck from my 5 years in Alberta. Even though I have not been able to return since about 2004, and friends I have now, most of them had welcomed me in 2005 to Ontario and we have been close ever since.

Different Schools in different provinces provide different perspectives and unique experiences, and all of them helped me become the person I am today, even the negative. I have always lived with an open-arms personality, even dubbed with a nickname to reflect that, “Mama Mandy”. I know life is fleeting and I would hate for regrets, so I stay positive and persevere.

I was happy to be called mom by 3 foster children and 2 step-children for almost 4 years with my ex. It was an eye-opening experience and I took it in strides. Between wrongfully prescribed medical reactions, to learning delays I was definitely in the path of a few curve balls but thank goodness I have an excellent swing when at bat. I watched the girls blossom through trials, rebellions, and I provided the most self-expressive home I could. I have the Mohawk pics to prove it. Although ALL things have to come to an end, my ex and I came to a less than perfect end in our relationship, and the foster children had an opportunity to reconnect with their mom. I wish them the best, and use our memories together as strength as I moved forward into the next adventure. I enrolled into college, reconnect with someone from my past, and began a career in Travel & Tourism.


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