Even in my sleep….

I have to admit this week is exhausting, visitors and meal dates since Sunday. Sunday was Lunch with in-laws, Heavy housework (WOOT). Monday workout, work, visitors, more housework. Tuesday workout, work, Dinner with Friends….CRASH (I was so exhausted, Merlot with dinner did not help, and I made it to maybe 9 pm before falling asleep, SORRY FRIENDS.) So the song of the day is kind of goofy, because the only way I am still moving and keeping to it has to be witch craft, LOL

I believe the only food mistakes I truly made were the small handful of fresh tortilla chips, and the Merlot, but once in a while a single glass is not a big deal. However, Spark Peoples’ Nutrition Tracker seems to not like vegan foods and does not take into consideration good fats. For example I made a cashew & avocado based Cream of Broccoli Soup, this is from a Vibrant Living Cleanse I did recently with Grounded Nutrition, and 28 grams of fat just like that on the tracker. Not like I opened a bag of ruffles and went at it, it is a 1/4 of an avocado and 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. of Soaked Cashews in the serving I tracked.

T25 Day 9 Food Intake

T25 Day 9 Food Intake

On an extremely positive note, I kicked Alpha Cardio’s, figurative, butt Monday. I find that since I knew what the moves were from the previous week it was easier for me to find my coordination. That is in comparison t0 just blindly being thrown into the move, like week 1. Although, this does not alter my opinion on the fact that some of these fitness moves are Will Smith’s dance moves from Fresh Prince of Bel Air and that is not an easy replication request to make 0f little ol’ uncoordinated me.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar - Day 9

Total Body Circuit yesterday is my favorite video. The mix of cardio within a lot of Kickboxing type moves is a breeze. I look forward to this day because even though it brings on beads of sweat, it feels like a lower impact day. And yesterday that is exactly what I needed.



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