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Song of the Day –

Let me start by saying “Hello”, long time no chat. My work life and daily changing routine was a little much….I should invest in something that I can speak into so it types for me and then add in my pics and videos while editing.

My mother loved the “Color Run – Windsor” on July 19th, 2014 and is now using it to drive her through rehab. She is still in a wheelchair, however, with a large base cane she can make the distance between the front door and back door of my parents home (approximately 4 to 6 meters).

Alan (step-dad and mom’s one true love) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which they believe may have resulted from the Liver Cancer detected and removed weeks after my mother’s aneurysm in October 2013. He has undergone Whipple surgery and it is documented as London, ON biggest procedure preformed and his tumor will be in a case study. As a science fiction fan he has decided to enjoy that part of a negative situation.

My parents ability to find the positive and continue embracing life no matter what not only paints their beautiful love story, but reminds me that I will never give up on being me…being HAPPY, no  matter what.


Song of the day – Salt-N-Pepa & En Vogue – Whatta Man

I have a friend participating in the preliminary/ Local level of the Canadian Star Search Contest to win a seat to go compete in the worldwide Canada Star search. She is amazing and if you live in the London Ontario area I suggest coming out to Friday Knight Lights on Richmond Street. Starts usually around 10 pm, some truly amazing vocals.

Anyways, my friend Selina was practicing the other night and since she knew that she will be asked to compete this Thursday in a genre of music outside her usual comfort zone she decided on “Whatta Man”. All I have to say is WOW


If you want to see more on Canada Star Search – London visit:

or their youtube page at:

A Couple of Projects to finish by the end of 2015

I find that there is a lot of fashion I like, until I notice length of garment, or a fopaux in mass produced item that they took based on a zero and try to make for the average sized consumer without altering key pieces of the design. Example – moving down the waistline, or increase the size of the breast cups of a top so they do not look like an A-Cup top on a D-Cup consumer.

Sometimes my protest is as simple as “You want how much for that maybe $5 worth of fabric?” <— And I know the prices of fabrics, between my sewing hobby and previous position at a Fabricland I know….I also know the work involved in most designs…Asking WAY too much for me to justify.

Anyways, the following are some projects I am considering:

^This needs length added to the bottom, preferably in the draping sleeves as well…Skirt I will sew from scratch, may just alter a thrift store shirt for the top half. 


I have serious love-hate relationships with jumpers, but I desire to create the perfect (for me) jumper of some sort. I have had the jumper-esque dresses, but I have not acquired the perfect work to social event jumpsuit…it shall be done.


Note the dress top left – I have an “in the works” of this style dress currently. The design is that the two fabrics are sown together at the shoulders, then it is designed to go over your head like an art smock, and then the back piece comes across the waistline and is fastened by a single button… far the easiest pattern and I have some vintage looking fabric to do it with.

Obviously, I also have the Peplum Top and Hanky Skirt to finish, but that. If you can believe it I have not finished or worn it and a friend has requested to borrow the skirt…**Pats myself on the back**

I will probably venture into completing multiples of the items I have on my sewing to-do list, and I may even stumble on completely unrelated projects. Here is hoping for no procrastinating.


A Peplum Top DIY

Work in Progress

My Peplum T-Shirt Project

My boyfriend and I subscribe to multiple “daily t-shirt” websites, these sites have a t-shirt done by an outside artist and for 1 day it is at about $10.00 and then it goes up after 24 hrs. I like:

There are many others, but these are defaults for me, especially Teefury & Ript Apparel and the reason is Grab Bags. These sites offer a random pick of past shirt designs, you pick size and pay the same price as a new design, but you do not know what you have until it arrives….Dangerous for some, especially if you by the shirt of the day often enough. Due to this my boyfriend and I opted for XLarge men size shirts…..these are appparently more than 3X the size of a female XL shirt….But we are going to leave that topic alone or it will result in a really long rant that will get me way off topic.

Now I have this huge shirt that I can wear as a nightgown and that is about it, unacceptable, hence why I found a quick and easy tutorial for a Peplum Shirt….Enjoy, it is really simple.

peplum waist size measurement chart

The First Column is your waist in inches, find it and scroll across to Column 5.

This is the number required for the inner circle of the skirt piece of the top.

Watch video for full instructions.


Geeky Want List…My Preciouses ;-)

I do not buy into a lot of it has the image or branding of an interest of mine so I must have it, of course I contradict myself a bit because I am guilty of justifying it through need items…Example – “I need slippers, so I might as well get these ones because, well, they are _____” So here is a list of things I list as wants, if I were to receive or find on sale I would seriously welcome into my geeky existence.

1) Big Bang Clue – Most people I know love the Big Bang as much as I do, however people are so digital now you cannot find someone willing to “old school” it with something like a board game. We have a Win-Win Situation on our hands…

Clue: The Big Bang Theory USAopoly,

2) Any of these Kitchen Gadgets/Accessories are more than welcome into my home, am I willing to pay $20 to $30 for something like a cookie cutter or a pan with Calcifer’s face? NO!…but gain through a $1 at a garage sale or a gift at christmas will work for me.

Firefly Cookie CuttersHowl'S Moving Castle Calcifer Frying PAN Studio Ghibli Cooking Kitchen Tools | eBay ($70.00) - SvpplyThe Star Wars Cookbook Kit, #ModClothEverlasting Mod Stopper Wine Saver Set, #ModCloth...I get they are thinking Willy Wonka with this name but I see Mario Power ups LOLDisney Cakes and Sweets Issue 21 Lunchbox / Bento GuideThinkGeek :: R2-D2 Soy Sauce DispenserThinkGeek :: Star Trek Spock Oven MittMad Hatter Creamer*I PINNED THIS SIMPLY FOR THE DESCRIPTION*    The Defibrillator Toaster    My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!”    “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DAMNIT!!!  NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!”    He’s bread, Jim.    Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M    If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast!     JESUS CRUST.    JAM IT!    “Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.”Wait, that's no moon!!8-bit cutting boards. Oh. Em. Gee.Full size TARDIS Silicone Cake Mould by Ikon Collectables (finally a proper size cake!)WantBBC Canada Shop - Doctor Who: Salt and Pepper ShakersBook Plate set...LOVE

I express myself through the kitchen a lot, it would be nice if my kitchen expressed who I am, ideally.

3) This Ewok Hat is a happy addition to my winter wear….and is proof that you may be a DIYer, but it helps to know others that perform the tasks you are unable to do. Free Pattern –



4) Doctor Who items….my true Kryptonite…I will admit this is the one genre of merchandise I have to forcefully prohibit myself from buying….I have the Universal Remote (Christmas Gift), Tumbler Cup , I made and laminated Doctor Who Snow Flakes (fun afternoon)

ImageImageThinkGeek :: ThinkGeek Exclusive Doctor Who K9 SlippersThinkGeek :: Exclusive Doctor Who TARDIS PillowDoctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack50th Anniversary Collectors FOB Watch


….Thankfully I can make a lot of Doctor Who Who themed items

5) Retro Gaming System…Bought this for the boyfriend…..I enjoy playing super nintendo’s Aladdin again….this is at

Retro Duo Portable NES/SNES Game System

6) Movie Based Furniture/ Home Accessories …just a few pics I could find

Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Clock by CuriousCogs on EtsyLight The Room With Iron Man’s Arm... Oh please, someone, buy me this????Peter Pan Chandelier. WHAT?!lightsaber chandelierDoctor Who TARDIS Police Public Call Box Fleece BlanketA Bite Out of Time Clock, #ModClothSingin' In The Shower Curtain, #ModClothI have the perfect table to redo like!

Star Wars ATAT Imperial Bookcase by WhittledInWood on Etsy, $565.00...I may be able to just make thisAlice In Wonderland style...too cool. I need these for my someday-future-daughter's room, since it will be Alice decor. :)


The list goes on and on, my pinterest account is proof of that……

I Appreciate the 1950’s Household….

I am 27 years old. I enjoyed an extra semester of courses during high school, I ran a home care service from age 22 to 24 while Fostering 3 girls, all before attending college & gaining a position in my field of study by 26. I am well educated, I have personal interests and hobbies, I maintain a moderately active social life, and I have a best friend for a spouse.

My interests, are sewing, cooking (preferably for others), Yoga, Saving Money (there is a certain thrill to couponing and freebies), and I do not mind being the hostess. My fashion interests are usually inspired by that of the clothes from the 1920-30s & the 50s. I think to use recipes from a recipe newsletters that are made up of “add this can of ____ to the box of______” to not count as cooking. I love helping light that spark in a child as they become confident in their true selves and the abilities and interests that develop from that. When it is all said and done, I would be happy to lead a life similar to that of a 50’s housewife, if the economy could support it.

Some Stats:

“Average Cost of New Homes

1930 $3,845.00, 1940 $3,920.00, 1950 $8,450.00, 1960 $12,700.00,

1970 $23,450.00, 1980 $68,700.00, 1990 $123,000.00, 2008 $238,880, 2013 $289,500

Average Wages

1930 $1,970.00, 1940 $1,725.00, 1950 $3,210.00, 1960 $5,315.00,

1970 $9,400.00, 1980 $19,500.00, 1990 $28,960.00, 2008 $40,523, 2012 $44,321

Average Cost of New Car Cars

1930 $600.00, 1940 $850.00, 1950 $1,510.00, 1960 $2,600.00,

1970 $3,450.00, 1980 $7,200.00, 1990 $16,950.00, 2008 $27,958, 2013 $31,352

Average Cost Gallon of Gas

1930 10 cents, 1940 11 cents, 1950 18 cents, 1960 25 cents,

1970 36 cents, 1980 $1.19, 1990 $1.34, 2009 $2.051, 2013 $3.80

Average Cost Loaf of Bread Food

1930 9 cents, 1940 10 cents, 1950 12 cents, 1960 22 cents,

1970 25 cents, 1980 50 cents, 1990 70 cents, 2008 $2.79, 2013 $1.98

Average Cost 1lb Hamburger Meat

1930 12 cents, 1940 20 cents, 1950 30 cents, 1960 45 cents,

1970 70 cents, 1980 99 cents, 1990 89 cents, 2009 $3.99, 2013 $4.68

Some of the above can be explained due to the inflation over 70 years, but there are also many other reasons why some prices increased dramatically (Housing Bubbles. Middle East Wars, Weather problems causing food price inflation, Population explosion) it also can work the other way due to improvements in technology offering much cheaper goods for example TV’s, Calculators, Computers ETC.” –

I am not naive, I understand a lot of the daily living by a 50’s woman was less of a choice and more of a gender role, and I am filled with the desire to not depend on another person as much as anyone. The thing is, I enjoy taking care of others, making practically everything from scratch, I love skirts and dresses more than pants (thankful for the choice nonetheless), and due to today’s economics I still do not have a choice in my life role. I believe economics of a society should allow people to choose the role they play in a relationship or life in general.

Now it is less of an equal right for a woman to have a job, but a financial obligation to her household…I was lucky I found a job in my field so quick, but there are people who are told if you go to school and get the training you are set for a life with a career, financial security, and so forth. It is just not true. Even if you do get the career, is it at the right location, is it enough not to require another job? or the support of a spouse or outside source?

ImageI would love a world that allows social freedoms as I am provided now, but with the authenticity and economical practicality the 1950’s portrays. I just want a choice between full-time home and full-time work life.

Hanky skirt

Hanky skirt

Hanky skirt

I get inspired/bored, and suddenly I am sewing a skirt, I am sewing a shiny Fuchsia lining to the fabric to poke out from underneath, but not sure about the waistline….



My name is Mandy and I thought the best way to introduce myself is to provide a link to my pinterest page….You can get a glimpse of the Cuisine I will blog about, Fashion, Travel, Media, etc Interests I have…..And the importance of my family in my life.

I may be inconsistent at the start of this as I build up my page, please be patient, and I look forward to getting to know the people that are interest in my “A Little About Something”s