Chin Up

Song of the Day –

Let me start by saying “Hello”, long time no chat. My work life and daily changing routine was a little much….I should invest in something that I can speak into so it types for me and then add in my pics and videos while editing.

My mother loved the “Color Run – Windsor” on July 19th, 2014 and is now using it to drive her through rehab. She is still in a wheelchair, however, with a large base cane she can make the distance between the front door and back door of my parents home (approximately 4 to 6 meters).

Alan (step-dad and mom’s one true love) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which they believe may have resulted from the Liver Cancer detected and removed weeks after my mother’s aneurysm in October 2013. He has undergone Whipple surgery and it is documented as London, ON biggest procedure preformed and his tumor will be in a case study. As a science fiction fan he has decided to enjoy that part of a negative situation.

My parents ability to find the positive and continue embracing life no matter what not only paints their beautiful love story, but reminds me that I will never give up on being me…being HAPPY, no  matter what.


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