Broken Telephone….

Did you ever play that game where one person whispers something to the person next to them and then that person repeats it to the next person and so on, until it gets to the end and it can be completely something else then what the first person said? Broken Telephone. Well it is all fun and games as a kid, but as an adult it seems to happen with the worst of circumstances. It is usually unavoidable and unintentional, however, tensions are raised and the blame game is introduced. I believe it is unnecessary to react this way and it does not make it easier for anyone involved in a tense situation, especially if it relates to the well-being of a loved one. In a high stress situation we must put a wall up against petty personal conflicts and come together to support the loved one who is uncontrollably at the center of the situation. And try to stay calm until a liable source confirms or denies the information received. So with thoughts of my loved one and their positive recovery efforts the song of the day is one of their favorites in the form of our feel good movie….

With added stress it can cause all kinds of ailments, and I believe in not giving in and keeping at it….Found this great de-stress yoga video, and great channel to subscribe to for yoga at home videos…So if your stressed try stretching it out with this 6 minute yoga routine.

If you carry all your tension in your shoulders here is a video shy of 4 minutes long for shoulder wall stretch yoga, and also a good youtube channel to follow.

Regarding food, food can be a stresser, we all have something that we connect with as being negative. For a long time we were told Boo carbs, all carbs BOOOO! Being someone who has struggled with their genetics since the age of 9, once I was able to have more control of what I ate this is something I took to heart, and why not? The first time I cut them out almost completely I lost a significant amount of weight…and a gull bladder 😦 Now I am vegan and I enjoy my cleanses, like those hosted through Grounded Nutrition. However, old habits die hard and I open the last couple Days Dinner challenges, and we have pasta, white potatoes, and rice. Someone might as well of said they lathered my salad in bacon grease and rush me to emerg. I find myself sneaking in additional weights for my walk, or a bike ride, or an extra fitness activity just to be okay with my menu, especially when I consider it is a 6 to 8 pm dinner.

Food Intake - Day 17

Food Intake – Day 17

Here comes a little confession. Last night I ate Sweet Potato & buckwheat pasta with my steamed veggies and Peanut Butter Sauce…Absolutely delicious, so was it my anxiety? Was it the humidity and temperature of my apartment? Was it the additional stress of life? I do not know, woke up this morning feeling a little warm and stomach still upset, but unfortunately last night I could not keep it together and became very ill. I hope that this long weekend is relaxing and I will have time to collect myself for a better week next week.

Food Intake - Day 18

Food Intake – Day 18

Fitness first thing in the morning is the easiest thing for me to stick to, it feels painful to just plow through 25 minutes, but that’s the point with T25…feel the burn!

Focus T25 Alpha Phase - Day 17 & 18

Focus T25 Alpha Phase – Day 17 & 18

Things will always have hard edges, difficult turns…but we venture on and work for that positive because it will be worth so much more with so much effort behind it.


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