Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, and Happy Mothers Day to You & You….and You

Montana’s Cookhouse for Mother’s Day Dinner

It was a crazy crazy weekend… My mom’s birthday was Friday, My older sister’s was Saturday, and then Mother’s Day; my older sister’s first mother’s day. I did not get my rest day on Saturday due to an impromptu visit by my brother’s friend and his 2 adorable kids (both under 5 I am sure). I decided to keep the kids occupied, which meant 55 minutes of tag, pitching a ball back and fourth ( kids had amazing aim for their ages), 5- 10 minute tea party. That was after a full day of driving to Windsor and shopping for an hour, and That was only Saturday LOL. For mother’s day my parents and I played Bingo, then they drove me home and we picked up my boyfriend, who was nice enough to sacrifice his night shift sleep schedule by a bit for the occasion, and headed out to dinner. My mom really wanted the Mandarin, but Mother’s day was the only day the location ever allowed reservations, which was not advertised anywhere, I had been on the site multiple times over the weekend. It was a little disappointing but Montana’s and its’ amazing staff made more than up for it. My mom was super happy, and they accommodated my vegan diet so well (ordered fajitas and they steamed rather than cook in oil, then through in their dairy free guacamole for free because I said no cheese or sour cream).

So I have one of those embarrassingly great parents, and we used to dance around to some classics, the one that I love the most is “stuck in the middle with you”, My step-dad is the classic dance with the top half and now some leg moves, it’s adorable. So I present another classic preformed in a goofy but still incomparable way, the Song of the day…

Note: was obsessed with this movie when I was 8, Young Einstein is  just so funny.

I did not eat overly horrible compared to others, but until my parents place is set for it, my ability to eat completely balanced is going to be hard to handle, well it has been so far.

Food Intake Day 12

Food Intake Day 12

Food Intake Day 13

Food Intake Day 13

Food Intake Day 14

Food Intake Day 14

On Friday I ran a little late and had to stop the second workout video 6 minutes early, 1/2 were cool down minutes, So I MOSTLY “Nailed it”. My main goal for this week is to not miss out on the optional stretch on Sunday, it is a 25 minute video, I should be able to achieve 25 minutes of sane time.

T25 Alpha Day 12

T25 Alpha Day 12

No matter how crazy this weekend was, I had so much fun, and I am thankful for my big extended family and the friends that are included in that. I also am happy to report I have a future adorable tea party request from my brothers’ friend’s kids. Which means I get to make tea sandwiches, and sit cross legged out on the green green grass, act like a kid with the cutest little hostess. Kids are adorable and apparently a great workout (tracker read 404 calories burned by the end of my play date).


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