Chugga chug chug…I can DO IT!

Allons-y! That is the word for this week, for you that are unaware, that is Doctor Who speech for “let’s go!”

Yesterday I jumped out of bed at 7:15 am, and flew through T25 Alpha Cardio, ate pretty well, even though I ordered Mexican. Side Note – Under The Volcano in London, ON knows how to make great Vegan Mexican Food and emphasize on Vegan care. However, this place serves to non-vegan clientele as well, so perfect for mixed company. I will not say working out is a breeze this week, I definitely have to chug along mentally to get myself psyched into workout mode. As my soon to be Nephew-inlaw would say, I need to not give up, “be like Thomas”.

Song of the day is inspired by my mom, she loves this song and when she had her aneurysm I listened to it on almost repeat to keep me going and find my smile.

I was looking over my food tracker, wow what flavour all day, guess you do not notice until you look at the day as a whole.

T25 Day 8 Food Intake

As I mentioned previously I flew through Cardio, only got a little unbalanced during one of the lunge progression.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Calendar - Day 8

I am really getting in the habit, I swear my own little motivational memes keep me going. Do not give up, but make sure you do your thing, just because said friend lost it doing one thing doesn’t mean it is for you.




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