NO…Not Going To Take It…ANYMORE

Based on the title of the post most of you can venture a guess at the Song of the Day….Yup, Twisted Sisters…not my favorite band, but this song pops in my head whenever I have had enough. And this week is a whole lot of “I have had enough”. Only thing that really is running smoothly is my Meal Plan and T25 Workout schedule.

Braised Seitan Tacos on Sprouted Corn Tortillas


I happily received my new cookbook earlier than the late delivery date…So it i early, but late at the same time….Just happy to have it. And on that note yesterday was a successful Nutrition day, I was able to use my braised seitan ribs in multiple ways.  Such as the tacos I had at lunch YUMMY.


T25 Day 3 Food Intake



I find that each day I get further away from a cardio video the more coordinated I get. Make me crunch, squat, mountain climb, but quick steps with arm moves combined is asking for me to fall or end up in a human Knot. Friday is a big day with 2 T25 workout videos and hopefully a relaxing Hot Yoga class after work. Yoga means I get to pull out my bike, cardio I am more than happy to embrace 🙂

Day 4


On a great note, as I began writing this pot, my day went from horrendous to a little better to awesome. My older sister called and I had an opportunity to hear my 1 month old niece, Mia, coo. Had a lengthy conversation about this and that like my sis and I used to back in our carefree days. I swear yeterday I lived in Alberta and I was 15 and then I blinked and BAM I have a Niece, Debt, and I am 28, WOW.


I would have aid Heck, but it gets the point across



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