Harder, Better, Faster….

I was super motivated this morning, even though I slept in almost 20 minutes past alarm :-/ …My boyfriend was sweet and vacated the living room ASAP (ASAP included the time it took to move the coffee table…aww so sweet, I know). I jumped into action for Alpha Day 3 Total Body Circuit workout, which brings us into my song of the day….classic, but true to my day in every way.

Very impressed, only felt slightly out of sync at one move

Very impressed, only felt slightly out of sync at one move

Now Nutrition, the only hiccup is the coke and rum (would of been happier with a glass of Merlot, but I was all out) I enjoyed my drink as I slaved over another One Green Planet Recipe. Vegan¬†Braised Seitan Short Ribs in Spicy Chile Sauce for those who were curious, I plated it over Quinoa and Wilted Garlic Kale toss…NOM


Lunch today will be chopped short rib over a bed of romaine in a organic corn soft tortilla with the sauce I made by reducing the strained, braising liquid. I think if I made cashew cream it would compliment this, but not going to do it.

I also received notice that my much delayed cookbook order will finally arrive by Monday, I am excited to read “Mayim’s Vegan Table”. I have many great cookbooks, such as “Appetite for Reduction”, “Happy Herbivore Light & Lean”, “Practically Raw”, “Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats”, “Happy Herbivore Abroad”, and a few others. Between these, Mayim’s, and my Grounded Nutrition 30 Day Meal Plan E-File I feel it should be easy to keep myself from feeling the need for convenience foods. Especially if I remember how inconvenient they are to my goals.


Yesterdays calculator:

Day 2 Food Intake

Day 2 Food Intake





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