WAIT, Rewind…and Restart

I have been having a little problem managing stress lately so lets start with song of the day and it is going to be….

I had a great and unique hair cut experience at the Cut-A-Thon for Parkinson in London on April 27th,


I chose Studio H as my salon location. It was a $40 donation and I was surprised with a gift bag. Inside the bag was a Full-size Finishing Spray, replenishment serum samples and shampoo and conditioner samples. I was lucky to have an ambassador of L-Oreal, by the name of Heather Wenman Scratch cut my hair. It was a blast, and she filled me in on Green Circle Salon Campaign that is quickly growing in the Salon world.





me with morning glow

Relaxed style for work…with a mornign workout glow

Me & Heather - I always blink lol

Me & Heather – I always blink, lol – but very fun up-do









As much fun as I had, I saw a shot of me that I really didn’t like and it has amped me up to restart my fitness goals. Tracking my food again, drinking my tea rather than coffee, and I am restarting Force T25.

I wish there was a button for when you almost Nailed it so hence the "better than symbol" ;-)

I wish there was a button for when you almost Nailed it so hence the “better than symbol” 😉

I am attending the Color Run and have an open invitation to join a team, which sounds like so much fun. I plan on completing the daily requirements of the above workout, the 5K prep suggested by the Color Run page, and hopefully a good Hot Yoga stretch here and there. I will also be using the Grounded Nutrition 30 Day Meal Plan to help boost my immediate results and get me on a path away from my vices







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