A Peplum Top DIY

Work in Progress

My Peplum T-Shirt Project

My boyfriend and I subscribe to multiple “daily t-shirt” websites, these sites have a t-shirt done by an outside artist and for 1 day it is at about $10.00 and then it goes up after 24 hrs. I like:




There are many others, but these are defaults for me, especially Teefury & Ript Apparel and the reason is Grab Bags. These sites offer a random pick of past shirt designs, you pick size and pay the same price as a new design, but you do not know what you have until it arrives….Dangerous for some, especially if you by the shirt of the day often enough. Due to this my boyfriend and I opted for XLarge men size shirts…..these are appparently more than 3X the size of a female XL shirt….But we are going to leave that topic alone or it will result in a really long rant that will get me way off topic.

Now I have this huge shirt that I can wear as a nightgown and that is about it, unacceptable, hence why I found a quick and easy tutorial for a Peplum Shirt….Enjoy, it is really simple.

peplum waist size measurement chart

The First Column is your waist in inches, find it and scroll across to Column 5.

This is the number required for the inner circle of the skirt piece of the top.

Watch video for full instructions.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/coolirpa


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