A Couple of Projects to finish by the end of 2015

I find that there is a lot of fashion I like, until I notice length of garment, or a fopaux in mass produced item that they took based on a zero and try to make for the average sized consumer without altering key pieces of the design. Example – moving down the waistline, or increase the size of the breast cups of a top so they do not look like an A-Cup top on a D-Cup consumer.

Sometimes my protest is as simple as “You want how much for that maybe $5 worth of fabric?” <— And I know the prices of fabrics, between my sewing hobby and previous position at a Fabricland I know….I also know the work involved in most designs…Asking WAY too much for me to justify.

Anyways, the following are some projects I am considering:

^This needs length added to the bottom, preferably in the draping sleeves as well…Skirt I will sew from scratch, may just alter a thrift store shirt for the top half. 


I have serious love-hate relationships with jumpers, but I desire to create the perfect (for me) jumper of some sort. I have had the jumper-esque dresses, but I have not acquired the perfect work to social event jumpsuit…it shall be done.


Note the dress top left – I have an “in the works” of this style dress currently. The design is that the two fabrics are sown together at the shoulders, then it is designed to go over your head like an art smock, and then the back piece comes across the waistline and is fastened by a single button…..by far the easiest pattern and I have some vintage looking fabric to do it with.

Obviously, I also have the Peplum Top and Hanky Skirt to finish, but that. If you can believe it I have not finished or worn it and a friend has requested to borrow the skirt…**Pats myself on the back**

I will probably venture into completing multiples of the items I have on my sewing to-do list, and I may even stumble on completely unrelated projects. Here is hoping for no procrastinating.



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