I Appreciate the 1950’s Household….

I am 27 years old. I enjoyed an extra semester of courses during high school, I ran a home care service from age 22 to 24 while Fostering 3 girls, all before attending college & gaining a position in my field of study by 26. I am well educated, I have personal interests and hobbies, I maintain a moderately active social life, and I have a best friend for a spouse.

My interests, are sewing, cooking (preferably for others), Yoga, Saving Money (there is a certain thrill to couponing and freebies), and I do not mind being the hostess. My fashion interests are usually inspired by that of the clothes from the 1920-30s & the 50s. I think to use recipes from a recipe newsletters that are made up of “add this can of ____ to the box of______” to not count as cooking. I love helping light that spark in a child as they become confident in their true selves and the abilities and interests that develop from that. When it is all said and done, I would be happy to lead a life similar to that of a 50’s housewife, if the economy could support it.

Some Stats:

“Average Cost of New Homes

1930 $3,845.00, 1940 $3,920.00, 1950 $8,450.00, 1960 $12,700.00,

1970 $23,450.00, 1980 $68,700.00, 1990 $123,000.00, 2008 $238,880, 2013 $289,500

Average Wages

1930 $1,970.00, 1940 $1,725.00, 1950 $3,210.00, 1960 $5,315.00,

1970 $9,400.00, 1980 $19,500.00, 1990 $28,960.00, 2008 $40,523, 2012 $44,321

Average Cost of New Car Cars

1930 $600.00, 1940 $850.00, 1950 $1,510.00, 1960 $2,600.00,

1970 $3,450.00, 1980 $7,200.00, 1990 $16,950.00, 2008 $27,958, 2013 $31,352

Average Cost Gallon of Gas

1930 10 cents, 1940 11 cents, 1950 18 cents, 1960 25 cents,

1970 36 cents, 1980 $1.19, 1990 $1.34, 2009 $2.051, 2013 $3.80

Average Cost Loaf of Bread Food

1930 9 cents, 1940 10 cents, 1950 12 cents, 1960 22 cents,

1970 25 cents, 1980 50 cents, 1990 70 cents, 2008 $2.79, 2013 $1.98

Average Cost 1lb Hamburger Meat

1930 12 cents, 1940 20 cents, 1950 30 cents, 1960 45 cents,

1970 70 cents, 1980 99 cents, 1990 89 cents, 2009 $3.99, 2013 $4.68

Some of the above can be explained due to the inflation over 70 years, but there are also many other reasons why some prices increased dramatically (Housing Bubbles. Middle East Wars, Weather problems causing food price inflation, Population explosion) it also can work the other way due to improvements in technology offering much cheaper goods for example TV’s, Calculators, Computers ETC.” – http://www.thepeoplehistory.com

I am not naive, I understand a lot of the daily living by a 50’s woman was less of a choice and more of a gender role, and I am filled with the desire to not depend on another person as much as anyone. The thing is, I enjoy taking care of others, making practically everything from scratch, I love skirts and dresses more than pants (thankful for the choice nonetheless), and due to today’s economics I still do not have a choice in my life role. I believe economics of a society should allow people to choose the role they play in a relationship or life in general.

Now it is less of an equal right for a woman to have a job, but a financial obligation to her household…I was lucky I found a job in my field so quick, but there are people who are told if you go to school and get the training you are set for a life with a career, financial security, and so forth. It is just not true. Even if you do get the career, is it at the right location, is it enough not to require another job? or the support of a spouse or outside source?

ImageI would love a world that allows social freedoms as I am provided now, but with the authenticity and economical practicality the 1950’s portrays. I just want a choice between full-time home and full-time work life.


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